Most of our closings take place within an hour’s time—sometimes even less. Each closing is scheduled for an hour to allow plenty of time to carefully go through each document and answer any questions that might be brought to the table.

If you are unable to attend the closing, sometimes a Power of Attorney can be used in your absence. Please contact Meyer Closings, LLC to acquire the forms that must be filled out and notarized in order to grant Power of Attorney. Additional fees may apply and lenders vary on whether they allow Power of Attorney at closing. Please call our office to inquire.

What do I need to provide Meyer Closings, LLC with before my closing?

What do I need to bring to my closing?

How do I wire my funds to your office?
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What documents will be signed at the closing?

What should I expect after closing?

Your Warranty Deed will be forwarded to the county to be placed of record. Within 2-6 months you will receive the Warranty Deed in the mail at your home address.
Your Title Policy will be given to you at the closing or returned to your home address with your recorded Warranty Deed.

In order to file for Homestead Exemption, you need to contact your county tax commissioner. Visit for more information.

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